It seems as though the popularity of Pomegranates came out of nowhere… most of us knew of someone who had a Pomegranate tree in their garden, but we either never really realized what the fruit was or even how to open it. And when we had figured it out, it seemed as though it was a pointless fruit to eat, because, well… it was just filled with “seeds!”

Well those “seeds” are actually very good for you. They are a high source of antioxidants. We have all heard that word, antioxidants, but what does it actually mean? Well, after a bit of research, we discovered that those antioxidants are enzymes that are in our body that help fight against harmful cells that could damage the good cells in our body, and cause diseases like cancer.

So what cancers do Pomegranates help fight against? According to this article we found online, Pomegranates help with prostate, breast and lung cancer. So, what could be easier than picking up an already peeled and cleaned Pomegranate at your local store, and to add those seeds to your salads and pizza to help your fight against these types of cancer? That’s what we thought, so we brought you Ganico’s Pomegranate Arils (that’s what those “seeds” are actually called). What makes Ganico’s Pomegranate Arils an even better option, is that they are Organic, so no hormones or pesticides added to those highly beneficial antioxidants.