In the world of Pomegranates there are around 500 varieties. That seems like quite a few, but there is a reason for that, it seems like in each country and or area there is a version of the pomegranate fruit. At Ganico we only specialize in 2 versions of Pomegranates, namely; Wonderful and Azerbaijani.

Our Wonderful variety trees came from Israel. But have now been growing well in Johannesburg for a number of years. We chose the Wonderful variety because they are well known for their beautiful deep red appearance, sweeter tasting and juicier Arils (as you discovered in the previous post, those Arils are the “seeds” inside).
The Azerbaijani Pomegranates are a bit smaller, but their arils are very juicy and better known for making good pomegranate juice. Their seeds are also not as hard, so it’s easier to eat this particular variety of pomegranates.
Why not drop in and have a look at the differences between these two varieties, and have a bit of a taster.